Audemars-Watkins Foundation

The Audemars-Watkins Foundation (FAW) contributes to safeguarding our oceans, wetlands and forests, and supports education and capacity building projects around the globe. Based in Geneva (Switzerland) it provides grants both locally and internationally in support of these four themes.

Pictures © Alexander Belokurov

Wetland Picture © Stephanie Mansourian


Through our oceans programme we want to ensure that our oceans are teeming with life, able to fulfil their role in the global climate and sustain life on our planet. We support projects that tackle for example:

  • Pollution in the oceans
  • Marine protected areas
  • Artisanal fisheries
  • Engagement of communities in coastal management
  • Destructive fishing practices


Through our forest programme we want to reverse forest loss and degradation so that they can support our climate and water cycles, economies and provide habitat for the diversity of species on earth. We fund projects that tackle for example:

  • Protection of forests
  • Sustainable management of forests
  • Restoration of forests
  • Improving capacity to address threats to forests
  • Engagement of local communities in forest conservation


Through our wetlands programme we aim to reverse the loss of these important ecosystems so that they can contribute to our livelihood needs, economies and support freshwater biodiversity. We fund projects that tackle for example:

  • The protection of wetlands
  • The restoration of wetlands
  • Improved management of wetlands
  • Waste management affecting wetlands
  • Removal of invasive exotic species


Through our education and capacity building programme we aim to ensure that young and old have access to education and are able to improve their skills and capacity. Projects that we fund include for example:

  • Development of educational materials
  • Training and capacity building workshops
  • Support to schools
  • Environmental education

Pictures © Alexander Belokurov

We fund projects that contribute to the conservation of our oceans, wetlands and forests as well as those that support education and capacity building. Proposals are accepted all year. Our grants generally run for a period of maximum 3 years and our funding limit per project is CHF 250,000.


Pictures © Alexander Belokurov




The board is composed of five members, all of whom are nominated for renewable three-year terms.

Jasmine Audemars


Bernard Vischer


André Borschberg

Angela de Wolff

Stephanie Mansourian