History, vision and mission 


Established in 2017, the Audemars-Watkins Foundation (FAW) is a private philanthropic entity registered under Swiss law. It stems from the desire of its founder and president, Ms. Jasmine Audemars, to proactively engage in environmental conservation. Ms. Audemars is the great-granddaughter of Jules Louis Audemars who in 1875, together with his partner Edward Auguste Piguet, founded the watch company, Audemars Piguet. Born in the Swiss watch-making region of the Vallée de Joux, Jasmine Audemars grew up in the midst of the magnificent forests of the Jura.

It was a natural step for her in 1996 to become president of the board of the Audemars Piguet Foundation, established in 1992 by her father, Jacques-Louis Audemars, and which focuses on forest conservation and education. A journalist by profession, Jasmine Audemars is curious by nature. Her passion for watches is mirrored by her passion for nature. Establishing a foundation in the name of her parents – Jacques-Louis Audemars and Elisabeth Watkins – was an important milestone in 2017 for Ms. Audemars, and it is with satisfaction and anticipation that she is now presiding over the FAW.

Our vision

We aspire to a planet where forests, oceans and freshwater are healthy and able to provide multiple benefits to people and nature.

Our mission

FAW aims to support projects in Switzerland and internationally for the conservation of oceans, freshwater and forests, and to initiate, encourage or finance broader educational projects, not only related to the environment.